Friday, July 14, 2006

Minds w--i--d--e shut

What is all the hype and ‘awesomeness’ associated with Cult$ong? The attraction of moshe pits, light shows, hand waving and incessant repetition of trance inducing songs is obviously attractive to the audience. (When did they change from a congregation to an audience or were they ever a congregation?) The search for Churchtainment has been achieved but at what expense. The Gospel has no need of dressing up – it remains what it is - good news. Good news to those who believe – but to those who don’t it is not good news at all as it means they are eternally lost and no amount of amusing can replace that. Perhaps Neil Postman was currently and prophetically valid in Amusing Ourselves to Death.

What do the Cult$ong groupies actually know about their faith? They may have large numbers each ‘service’ in an appearance of a wide community of believers but the one inch depth of their knowledge is more indicative about them. Like most gullible followers of shysters like Hinn, Meyer, Copeland and Bonke they are treated like mushrooms. They seem to be happy to be mushrooms and don’t want to find out that what they have been giving their money to is a sham. Where is the transparency and financial accountability? Discernment is sadly lacking in these places. Be transformed by the renewing of your minds – not be transfixed by keeping your minds wide shut.

As Homer Simpson said,

‘Hurry up! Entertain me - I’m starting to think!’


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