Friday, September 29, 2006

Worldview Evangelism

Don Carson analysed the sermon of Paul as recorded in Acts 17 where Paul addresses the members of the Areopagus. Looking at the passage of this address he does not go directly telling them about Christ but first laid a platform of basic knowledge and worldview. Then he built upon that recognising the people were religious and identified areas of common interest and belief before revealing to them Christ the Messiah.

1. He established that God is the creator.
2. He insisted that God is completely sovereign over everything and cannot be limited by man, cannot be contained in a temple or building.
3. He is self existent and everything else is dependent upon Him and does not need us.
4. Man is totally dependent upon God.
5. The origin of all mankind is from one man and that sin and death is the inherited problem.
6. Such creation of the world and man was perfect but is now flawed due to sin and the fall.
7. God is knowable and has revealed Himself to man and can have a personal relationship with us.
8. Identifies the sin of idolatry and the bad news of man and his own sin.
9. Outlined creation to the fall to the present and to the future coming judgment.

Once he has this groundwork set of where man is in relation to God - a biblical worldview - then he can proceed to telling them about Christ and affirming the resurrection of Christ.

For a good and extended commentary see this link to article (H.T. - Justin Taylor) and also to a major essay on same here.

(Source information from Telling the Truth - Evangelizing Postmoderns C.2000.)


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