Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another poor sucker

I spoke to a guy [name withheld] the other day who related to me his difficult financial situation. He has very little money available for food or rent as he has invested a lot of his funds into a particular venture and is awaiting a publisher to pick up on the idea. The time period between now and potential publishing (if ever) is undetermined and so the realised prospective return of his invested savings is very distant. How or why did this situation develop? As a committed Christian he was in contact with a person of the AOG persuasion who had ‘prophesied’ over him and his investment [his words] saying that it will be a very profitable venture. Believing this person to be speaking the truth he is now in this difficult situation. What is sad is he still believes in this prophesy.

How is it that the lack of depth of knowledge of faith and lack of discernment against charlatans allows a person to believe piffle like this. How many others are also so gullible to allow themselves to get into this situation. Are not people aware of false prophesies and shysters? There is validity in believing in an idea or concept with the future prospects of financial improvement but one should not put such trust into any scheme on the basis of any so-called prophesy that it will be successful. Do we want to believe in monetary gain more than wanting to believe in truth?


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