Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ramp into Church

Just about everyone knows the story of Noah and the Ark. Everyone (except Noah and his family) were considered to be utterly corrupt in the eyes of God who decided to destroy them all and start over again. It must have been bad in those days and we think the world around us is bad and yet we still go on living.
(How long O Lord?)

Imagine a story comprised of 6 episodes or time periods.

Episode 1 - Mankind is corrupt. The wickedness of the world. God decides to start over again.

Episode 2 - Noah is identified as righteous and unlike the wickedness surrounding him. He becomes the hero (human hero) of the story.

Episode 3 - The building of the ark. In Noah's case a long time - that's a big ark to build. A time of construction.

Episode 4 - Once the Ark is built comes a time of gathering in of his family and all the animals to be saved from destruction. The means of salvation is ready. Clouds forming. A sense of looming anticipation and urgency as time is so short.

Episode5 - Catastrophe. The rains and the floods just keep on coming destroying everything in its wake. There is death, disaster and judgement.

Episode 6 - Floods subside to a new world and new start. A new life full of peace and contentment.

So often we tend to think that we are living in Episode 6 where everything to us is fine, peaceful and we have no problems. But what of those around us. Are we not actually living in Episode 4 where our means of salvation is already and waiting?
Are we not supposed to be gathering in as many as possible to save them from the impending destruction?
Are we not supposed to be helping as many up the ramp into safety as possible?
What is the ramp up into the Church and how do we show and help others up the ramp?

Where is our sense of urgency?


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