Monday, July 31, 2006


The recent mission trip ranged from being great fun, a cultural exposure, a risky adventure, an experience of sightseeing, to assisting builders construct a house and then be impacted by the faith of a poor people of a nation not obsessed with materialism. To be involved in a group of two dozen people traveling to the other side of the world to build house is no mean feat and to be proud in their success of construction of an orphan house is not wrong. To compare the way they live in a country ravaged by the aids virus and the cosy opulent lifestyle of which westerners are accustomed was always going to be inspiring and a change in worldviews.
Summing it up the best is when you look at a people who survive and live because Jesus is all they have. We learn and grow when we realize that in our materialistic world Jesus is all we need.


At 9:27 pm, Anonymous Am a theist said...

It is not true that "Jesus is all we need".

Your recent mission trip to assist in housing construction demonstrates that some people are in need of shelter.

Other people, with or without Jesus, die of hunger. They needed food.

Those dying of Aids in Papua New Guinea need some of that medication stored in Government warehouses. They also need a less corrupt political system.

So to state that "Jesus is all we need" is misleading.

At 11:24 am, Blogger Lord Veritas said...

I see you recognize that those who believe in God and who want to show love for their fellow mankind have actually gone and made the effort to provide the basic needs that humans have – food, shelter, clothing, medical assistance etc etc which has been done for hundreds of years and most of these benevolent institutions are Christian organisations or have their origins in Christianity. Just to quote “Jesus is all we need” out of context to what the whole passage refers is misleading. It is addressed mainly to us who have so much but still think we need more – when we don’t need more - we need Jesus. We live in such a materialistic and self-centred community/society/world. When we, who live in such an affluent area of the world, and have more than we actually need, compare it to what others in the poorer areas of the world don’t have and who live a simple life. Of course they have the same needs of human survival as every other human regardless of where they live.

The point is that with having Jesus they are complete in their lives and don’t have the obsession of getting more stuff – they just don’t think that way.

Of course it is a logical given that even with following Jesus does not mean they no longer have the basic fundamental needs of breathing, eating, sleeping, care etc. In our own westernized materialistic affluent lives who have so much but without Jesus we crave for more. We think we need more all the time. Even as followers of Jesus that is something that we need to learn and re-learn all the time.


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