Monday, April 30, 2007

Heaven without Christ?

"The critical question for our generation - for every generation - is this:

If you could have heaven,
  • with no sickness
  • with all the friends you ever had on earth
  • all the food you ever liked
  • all the leisure activities you ever enjoyed
  • all the natural beauties you ever saw
  • all the physical pleasures you ever tasted
  • no human conflict
  • no natural disasters
------------------------could you be satisfied with heaven, if Christ was not there?"

From God is the Gospel - John Piper

We should never separate what is heaven, what is in heaven and Who is Heaven. So often we think and are told what heaven is or will be like - but the fact is we don't truly know and we won't know till we get there. Our focus, our passion, our desire should always be only Christ. Our rewards or treasure - whatever they may or may not be - can never compare to Christ.

Many people will think that their dear departed loved one who has (we presume) gone to heaven is looking down upon them left here on earth in pain, suffering and grief and is aware and even concerned with how they continue living their lives. This is probably just a sentimental coping mechanism invented by man to comfort one's grief. Surely to look down upon earth would cause pain and heartache seeing mankind in their current condition and if in heaven we have no pain, suffering or sadness then how could that be so? Surely whilst in heaven the last place they would be interested in would be our fallen planet - especially with the wonder and rapture of seeing and being with Christ.

Too often we focus on the 'message' of the Gospel - yes it is good news - yes it is great news - but not enough focus that the Gospel is Christ and our preaching should also focus and centre on Christ. There are many sermons preached that can only be described as pep talks - may we avoid the Christless preaching and return to the One and only Truth and worship Him whom God has lifted up.


At 1:25 am, Blogger Ta'fxkz said...

nice point...

but if on this earth you saw Christ in your sickness, Christ in yor friends and your enemies, Christ in your food and Chhrist in all beauty and all things painful... Would you not even see Christ in Hell :)

At 8:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by ta'f good to see you believe in heaven and hell and Christ - keeping thinking about that however your summation and leap to an unfounded conclusion is totally illogical - remember who is destined for hell and complete separation from Christ and God.


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