Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pulpit Pimping for Prosperity

Mega-churches have spawned the inevitable rise of mega-pastors. There is nothing inherently wrong with having a large church or being the pastor of a large church. But the how and why are more important. A lot of churches are being constructed and run more like a business than a church and those in promulgation of the false gospel of prosperity pimping are tainting all evangelical preachers with a similar brush. Soon to be released by Reuben Armstrong is the book Snakes in the Pulpit who highlights four prominent pastors saying they are "deceiving true believers" and "..these four pastors are using the word of God to manipulate the true believers for fame and fortune..." The fame and finances generally don't travel far from the pockets of these style of pimping preachers. Now without trying very hard there are many more high profile names that could go on his list of preachers who are more obsessed with pimping their pulpit. Those pulpit sharing impastors who go on the lucrative preaching circuit (or is that circus - you be the judge) inviting such style of preacher to fleece their flock in return for the reciprocated opportunity to do likewise on prosperity promotion tours.

(H.T. Think Christian)


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