Saturday, August 26, 2006

Biblical Realism

We have been losing our grip on biblical realism to the point where even in our own churches we often fail to hold leaders accountable, as though somehow they are too good, too holy to be questioned...No one is excluded from the fall[of man] and it's effects ... No one is exempt from checks and balances in power.

[The doctrine of man's fall and sin] magnifies God's grace. If we don't have a sufficient knowledge and understanding of the seriousness of sin and it's consequences - we can't appreciate grace of God as the cure.

Modern day man warps this concept out of shape so that we feel stressed out instead of feeling guilty and hence we re-design a gospel message that offers a stress relief instead of a relief from guilt. If we are man enough to face up to our real problem then we will be ready for God's solution - Grace. (From Michael Horton-Putting Amazing back into Grace)


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