Thursday, September 14, 2006

Biblical Discernment

Dr Mac Brunson who is the pastor of FBC Jacksonville recently talked about the lack of discernment amongst and within the church and how we should re-identify this need and re-instate Biblical discernment.

He focused on three major points:

1. We have forgotten discernment because we have depreciated doctrine for shallow emotionalism. Neglect of theology results in loss of discernment.

2. We have forgotten discernment because we have abandoned the absolutes of God’s word for the approval of the world...the church has turned loose of what we should be holding on to (the absolutes of God’s Word) and is holding on to what we should be turning loose (the approval of the world).

3. We forget discernment when we become infatuated with influence and preoccupied with prestige. In our culture, we have confused image with substance. We have confused reputation with character. Many people in ministry are just looking for a crowd, but that was never the heartbeat of Jesus.


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