Saturday, September 09, 2006

No coercion in Islam Take 2

The publicity surrounding her arrest - enhanced by widely distributed images of Leslie modelling clothes and lingerie, then accelerated by pictures of her in a burqa - and release after serving three months in jail, made Leslie a celebrity victim. Glaring holes in her claims are now apparent. According to Leslie, almost everyone involved is to blame, except herself. She said she was an innocent victim: "In life I have made many mistakes, you know? But this isn't one of them."

Ms Leslie, who was criticised for wearing traditional Muslim dress during her trial, said she never intended to offend the Islamic community.

"I am a Muslim and I do understand the significance of wearing the burqa," she said.

"I should have thought more carefully about wearing it in that situation and I apologise for any offence I have caused, it was an extreme situation."

Ms Leslie said she chose to wear the burqa because it was a "sign of public privacy and modesty".

Ms Leslie was back at work (modeling) recently and still no sign of the hijab.

So what happened to the conversion to Islam?

Surely there are many similarities between the two Fox journalists' gun point conversion to Islam only instead of a gun it was the fear of gaol time and exposure to other inmates.
Is this any different?

The coercion by force to Islam for gaining freedom rears its ugly head yet again. Get Religion has a good take on this and where the actual idea came from - Rev. Canon Andrew White an Anglican leader at the Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East - shame, shame, shame.


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