Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vale Crocodile Hunter

Sadness and grief grips a nation of admirers of a man who was so unashamed of himself and his passion for nature and wildlife. He will be missed by many but none more so than his wife and children.

Why is it that The Guardian in the UK would think to illicit any sort of a comment from Greer? What were they thinking? Don't they know any other ex-pats? Why would anyone pay her for any of the stupid, fallacious, dribbling piffle coming out of her vacant excuse of a cranium.

As a lot of commenters to her story have already stated
Shame on you Germaine, you have done a great disservice to his memory but a greater one to yourself. You were much more appealing when you were irrelevant, now you are just pathetic. Your article is so plainly uneducated, self indulgent and at best it is an off putting piece of tabloid gutter journalismGermaine Greer, what have you ever done for Australia except whinge, moan and complain about it on an international stage, and make us feel embarassed to share your nationality?
I'm far more proud to be Australian because of Steve Irwin, than because of Germaine Greer.
[I] fully agree with [..]and ..condemn the bitter and malicious article by Greer as reprehensible. She's completely wrong, it's a potty and twisted article from a woman who doesn't know the difference between a stunning bloke and a hippo- why on earth was she comissioned that article atall- no wait, she put herself forward. The silly bag's (apparently!) degenerated from 'opportunistic feminism' into slanging a gorgeous man she just plain can't have (even if the complete darling of a bloke has just died) and instead of demoting his work as intended, she shows up her own as worthless.
Greer seems so intent on bashing Irwin that she deludes herself into presupposing facts that aren't even in evidence. The best case of self-delusion is when Greer herself imagines what Irwin MIGHT have said (about the sting killing a horse) and then says "Yes, Steve, but a stingray...". Hang on - Greer is crucifying Irwin for something she herself has supposed him to say!

Patrick Barkham and Jono Coleman both had a much pleasing take at reportage of a great man as did Mark Bristow in his official obituary.


At 6:59 pm, Blogger fjl said...

Well said ;-).

The woman has passed into dementia. It's time for bed Germaine dear.

At 10:47 pm, Blogger Lord Veritas said...

An Australian current affairs program actually did a recorded video link interview today with this vitriolic hag who did not recant on any of her fallacious comments and accusations but only repeated them. I could feel the anger emanating from viewers as they watched this poor excuse repeat her unfounded, uneducated, ignorant, vicious comments. Germaine - do not ever come back to Oz - you are not welcome.


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