Monday, August 28, 2006

False Teachers in Church

7 Characteristics of False Teachers - by Thomas Brooks (1608-1680)

Now, the best way to deliver poor souls from being deluded and destroyed by these messengers of Satan is, to discover them in their colors, that so, being known, poor souls may shun them, and fly from them as from hell itself.

1. False teachers are men-pleasers. They preach more to please the ear than to profit the heart.

2. False teachers are notable in casting dirt, scorn, and reproach upon the persons, names, and credits of Christ's most faithful ambassadors.

3. False teachers are venters of the devices and visions of their own heads and hearts. Are there not multitudes in this nation whose visions are but golden delusions, lying vanities, brain-sick phantasies.

4. False teachers easily pass over the great and weighty things both of law and gospel, and stand most upon those things that are of the least moment and concernment to the souls of men. They are nice in the lesser things of the law, and as negligent in the greater.

5. False teachers cover and color their dangerous principles and soul-impostures with very fair speeches and plausible pretenses, with high notions and golden expressions. They will put a great deal of paint and garnish upon their most dangerous principles and blasphemies, that they may the better deceive and delude poor ignorant souls. They know sugared poison goes down sweetly; they wrap up their pernicious, soul-killing pills in gold.

6. False teachers strive more to win over men to their opinions, than to better them in their conversations. They busy themselves most about men's heads. Their work is not to better men's hearts, and mend their lives.

7. False teachers make merchandise of their followers. They eye your goods more than your good; and mind more the serving of themselves, than the saving of your souls. That they may the better pick your purse, they will hold forth such principles as are very indulgent to the flesh. False teachers are the great worshippers of the golden calf.

Now, by these characters you may know them, and so shun them, and deliver your souls out of their dangerous snares; which that you may, my prayers shall meet-yours at the throne of grace.


At 3:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was that about nothing new under the sun? Great quote. --saint

At 4:24 pm, Blogger Lord Veritas said...

You won't see this sort of teaching or more to the point an expose of false teachers at any Hill$ong conference - when that happens I'll eat my hat! or dress up in a tutu and go into the local bikie pub, put on the jukebox and ask the biggest meanest bloke for a dance.


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