Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Learning from the Fall

It's good to see others have also thought about what we can learn not only from our own errors and experiences but also from those of others. Bob has some good comments on the Haggard Sad Saga that are worth repeating in short form. For a more detailed look check out the expanded commentary here.
  • Sin is Universal - everyone sins and everyone's sin is the problem.
  • Sin is Deceptive - everyone needs to be diligent against sin and the lure of temptation.
  • Sin has Consequences - everyone should remember that there are personal ramifications of sin and sometimes public ones - either way it doesn't bring glory to God.
  • Sin has One Ultimate Solution - everyone should strive not to sin and we need accountability. God's provision of forgiveness, grace and strength should be what we trust in.
  • Sin doesn't have the Final Word - everyone has failed to live righteously and the scriptures reveal many poor sinners used greatly of God. God's plans will not be thwarted and He is still in ultimate control.
Every single event of every day in everyone's life confirms we need a Redeemer. Thank God we have one.


At 2:14 am, Anonymous halieus said...

Hi Veritas!

I imagine God wanted Haggard to bring the Gospel to that young man and instead he was going there and using/abusing him. After a few years of trying to get him to do the right thing in vain he was exposed. I'm sure it's the hardest wretched time for Haggard but I believe his soul will benefit and that too of the young prostitute.

God is longsuffering and merciful, our Good Father.

At 2:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The unfortunate reality of such situations where there is a fall from grace of the high pedestal residents is that people get tarred with the same brush even those who have no corresponding resemblance to those who fall. It is hard to justify such tarring (although some do try and attempt it) and people will tend to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s then that hard working humble Christian servants get ridiculed and accused of not doing enough if it isn’t noticed. Then those with the higher profile who don’t do as much or fall from grace become the reason against following Christ. We do live in a cyclical fickle world with Tall Poppy Syndrome.


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