Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Church Marketing

There is a veritable plethora of supermarket shelves within both secular and non-secular bookstores containing a variety of books for the self-help or church-help manifestations and fads. These money making machines are well oiled with a high productivity. There is so much crap - for lack of a better word - that is pushed and promoted for the well being of the individual and for the betterment (allegedly) of one's church. Naturally, there are some great theologically sound and scripture adhering books and products also available in thse stores, however, it would be good to sort the rubbish out every now and then.

As Michael Spencer says:-
Let me ask any sheep out there who are offended that I said your Jabez wall hanging might be a bad choice if they have any idea how much money is made by Christian authors, publishers and marketers? How much money is made and where does it go? When you see Joyce Meyer handing out a bag of rice, are you actually taken in that she deserves $50 million a year rather than mission agencies and humanitarian ministries?

It is a “scam.” Most of evangelicalism is becoming so “scammable” it’s embarrassing. The rhetoric defending this nonsense is even more embarrassing.

Why don’t we just stop? I’m almost certain that if we quit buying this stuff, they’ll quit marketing it. If we can get over our fetish for successful fads, new trends, the next big thing, quick fixes, cool promos, ads and hype, we make do something startling in our walk with Jesus. What a shame that a newspaper editor has to tell us this. We already know it, because we know Jesus wouldn’t approve of all this marketing and he wouldn’t participate in it on the level we do.

Perhaps we allshould all be more discerning (myself included) in our selecting of resources that are actually truthful and full of truth.


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