Monday, January 29, 2007

Naive or Gullible

Some people are either and sometimes both and because they are they don't know that they are. Seems like a quandary of inescapable illogic - but true nevertheless.

If you're one who is easily conned or tricked or sucked into something - how did you let yourself get into such a position. Was it that you were too trusting? Didn't you see the warning signs of a fraud? Did you think that everyone speaks and lives the truth?

A lot of times incidents that suck us in to believing a fallacy actually allow us to learn something - so we don't repeat our mistakes.

Why is it that many seemingly intelligent Christians fail to learn from their own life experiences of being had or conned. Far too many Christians who read anything 'Christianesque' in books; the internet; or listen to so-called 'sermons' automatically believe them - even of people they have never met or know nothing of their backgrounds. Why is it that their 'conman radar' doesn't give them warnings of false teacher; false prophet; false values; false words.

No wonder so many fall into cults.

There are so many internet sites that want you to believe their dribble and want you to pay for them to dribble their false ideas all over you like so many of the Word of Faith 'ministries' of the calibre like Benny Hinn, Dollar, Tilton, Crouch, and Steve Shultz and his amazing Elijah List (what a joke).

The mark or sign of any (and all) true prophet/teacher/preacher is 100% correctness and truth and their life, standards and values should dovetail with the Scriptures - if they don't match up the only logical, sensible andbiblically correct thing to do is run, run now, run fast, run like your life depended on it, don't look back, run away.

So when the carrot of prosperity doctrine is dangled in front of you - how will you react.
(Hint - run)

When the carrot of false teachings and prophecies looks attractive will you be conned?
(Hint - run now)

Will you renew that magazine subscription of false teachings and piffle that wants to sell you Jesus oil; Jesus handkerchiefs; blessed doilies; or anointed hats?
(Hint - run away, run away)

Will you grow into maturity and discerning truth from fallacy or will you be gullible and naive?
(Hint - follow God not man)


At 10:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ma che oh?? Ma รจ possibile, Porcanna la Madonna!

G.M. Rules!

At 3:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points Veritas. St Paul told us to 'flee' false teachers in 1 Timothy.

"Avoid as you would the plague - the Clergyman who is also the man of Business".

-St Jerome (I think!)


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