Sunday, September 02, 2007


You will not hear about dark nights of the soul from the likes of Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen and Paula White (who, with her husband, is treating their divorce this week like a hiccup that doesn't matter much to their "ministry" aims -- which means keeping the gravy train running).
My money is on the business folding congregation being told that after 18 years, they've been milked dry and they should be all grown up enough to pay their own way in life.
You will not hear about the real world and the real gospel in response to it from these charlatans because they are afraid you might actually become satisfied in Christ and tire of their lies. They need you discontent so that you will still need them to pick you up.
And if you think this crap is limited to the name-it-claim-it crowd, you are mistaken. It has been creeping into our evangelical churches for years, and you see this discontentment with the Gospel every time you hear a message that treats the Bible like an advice column or a self-help quote book or that treats worship like a performance. Any time the purpose of worship is YOU, you might as well be getting the holy spirit pixie dust from Rod Parsley. It's the same false gospel, just packaged for a different crowd....
Dear God, make us crave the gospel, make us desire grace, make us satisfied in and with You alone for Your glory alone. Make us satisfied -- joyously, exuberantly, righteously satisfied -- in Your Son for Your glory.
(H.T. iMonk and Jared and Saint)


At 3:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you, but it's simply the logical consequence of Reformation Christianity, which started subdividing as soon as it started. Look. If you base your faith on individual interpretation of Scripture, and sola Scriptura at that, what *right* do you have to judge or even complain about someone else's interpretation? Because of some sense of creed? Oh, where does that come from? Church? Well, I guess we've stepped away from individual intepretation and Sola Scriptura then.

It's hideous, but you folks need to accept that this has always been the way of Protestantism and always has been. Just think for a moment, if "Christianity" were defined by what "Protestants" believe. What would it be? A million different things right? Then who (honestly now) is preserving the essence of Christian doctrine in the world? The ancient faiths of CAtholicism and Orthodoxy. Painful, but true.

You want individual interpretation? You've got it. Enjoy yourselves and your thousands of different intepretations. And don't tell me it's all for the good and just a beautiful diversity. You folks are going after each other more and more viciously within Protestantism, and I ask you again to consider how Protestantism can even be taken seriously as a definer of Christinity in the world today and across the centuries with the spectrum of official teaching that ranges from gay bishops to Paula White to near-pagan mainliners praying to the the divine feminine?

Read B16. Read his recent book on the Apostles. It will rock your world, as it is rocking the worlds of many who are struggling with these questions. God bless.


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